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Winding Technology

100% Precision Propeller Soft Package Winder
The winding system is outlined by a unique yarn laying principle. Two counter rotating propellers impart gentle handling of the yarn and a highly precise yarn laying pattern. As the blades are directly synchronized with the positively driven yarn package, precision winding is achieved.
Because of a constant winding ratio from start to the final package diameter, absolutely no ribbon or pattern zone is observed on the produce package. This guarantees excellent unwinding characteristics of the package during the subsequent process.

Production Capacity = 10000 Kilograms/ day; Count 24/1

Gofront Holing -  Setex Controllers

A highly experienced team of technical dyers and laboratory personnel look after the exacting task of dyeing the yarns to specification.
The whole Dyeing process is carried out with fully automated system controlled with Setex Programmer (German Make). The vessels are imported from Gofront Holdings Ltd

Vessel Range 14-600 Kilograms
Dyeing Capacity 2 tons / Day

14 kilos
64 kilos
400kilos 1 No
600 kilos 1 No

Automated Hydro Extractor

The hydro extraction process of dyed package carried out in high speed Centrifugal Hydro extract m/c is controlled by programmer & on completion of process on equal quantity of water squeezes out from each dyed package.
Automatic control of the process of dehydration and working regular rotation
Hydraulic lift and chain rotation, balanced suspension design, low noise operation.
Frequency control maximum speed 1580 r / min.

Radio Frequency Dryer

R/F DRYER m/c drying process is even in each Layer within the package resulting better result in final rewinding process. Radio Frequency (RF) Technology dries most yarns at temperatures which retain the virtues of the base fiber and give an output which improves the look, feel and finish of the yarn.

100% Perfect Soft / Cone / Assemble Winding

Versa Winder is suitable for producing soft and uniform density dye packages. It is equipped with centrally driven, adjustable shogging motion (lateral displacement) device for soft edges.
The accelerating pressure reduction on the package compensates increasing pressure of the package on the drum with increasing diameter and results into uniform density and shape of the package.
Production Capacity = 2500 Kilograms/ day; Count 24/1

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Welcome to ANUSAM KNITTING MILLS :: Quality in evey Inch .....
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