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  Yarn Dyeing
  Fabric Processing
  Garments Production



The fabric processing involves the following processes

At ANUSAM, "Setex Programmer" yarn dyeing machines are used for an uniform, best and reproducible shades. This is supported further by Mesdan-Italy wet splicing for a smooth knotless knitted stripes and checks. The yarn dyeing capacity at present is 5 tons with added scope for expansion. Dilmenler fabric dyeing machines are used for fabric of high handle, retaining all the natural characteristics. Eco friendly dyes ensures social accountability. The plant capacity at present is 10 tons with more scope for expansion due to the fore-thought infrastructure. Yarn and fabric dyeing facilities are fully supported by a most modern lab with Infra-Red dyeing machines and automatic tubeless dispensers with testing procedures.


The washed and laundered cloth is sent through the latest “Tube-tex” USA compacting machine to control shrinkage. All processed fabric is pre-shrunk, so that the garments always retain shape.

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Welcome to ANUSAM KNITTING MILLS :: Quality in evey Inch .....
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